Video Game Addiction – the Trouble of the 21st Century

In today’s society, people have several options that allow them to disconnect from reality. One of these is video games. After all, who doesn’t want to have magical powers and defeat fearsome foes? Everyone wants to be the hero of their lives. The video game industry provides that escape that so many people crave. It allows a person to disconnect from everything else and become submerged in a new reality.

But for many, they don’t know when to put the controller down and go outside. Games like “Call of Duty,” where the graphics are so real it is like the player is actually there make it possible to escape reality. But avoiding reality is a form of addiction that is taking over society.

Why People Play Video Games?

The sense of being part of an online team and defeating the bad guy gives people a false sense of what is real. Many people find that their lives revolve around the gaming world. They spend hard earned money on new graphics cards or headsets, or even chairs that offer surround sound and vibration to really ‘get into the game.’

Long Gone

What happened to board games? What happened to play around the table face to face? It seems that in today’s world if you don’t own some gaming console, then you aren’t cool. Or if you don’t own the right one, you are out of the loop. The fact that as a society we have turned to online gaming as a way to connect is damaging the very fabric of our lives. And for some, those programs are more than just games, and they are a way of life.

So, if you happen to have a friend or family member that forks over loads of money to increase their playing experience they might have an addiction. Online addiction comes in many forms, and the way games are played these days, we just might find ourselves in a real-world scenario like “Ready Player One,” where society breaks down, and real life is played out in virtual reality.

Getting Help

When it comes to video games, and you find yourself immersed for days on end, you might have an addiction. Video games are not supposed to be a way of life. They are for entertainment purposes. The game will still be there tomorrow. Break the habit and unplug. The world outside offers more adventure for anyone to handle in a single lifetime so get out there and make your own destiny.