Types of Computer and Internet Addictions

There are several reasons why people turn to the internet. The four main reasons why people become addiction include gathering information, compulsions, sex, and to find or build relationships. Each of these issues causes individuals to turn to the internet to get their fix. But, doing so every day, becomes a habit that is hard to break.

Even though the internet is a tool, many people abuse it. More and more people turn to their smartphones or jump online when they feel overwhelmed or depressed. This strategy may help for the moment, but it soon becomes impossible to turn away from. So what causes these habits?

Information Overload

When it comes to getting information about a product, service, or even random facts, the internet is the most significant and most accessible tool for people to use. The fact that one can only pull out their smartphone to get information can be impressive. After all, you don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t do as advertised. This becomes habit forming to where a person may fact check and read reviews on everything before they buy it.

The fact that so many people now depend on what others say about a place or product reflects the mindset of the individual. Instead of making up their own mind, they follow blindly to the influence of others. Soon, it becomes a requirement to find information on everything before going out or purchasing items.


Many people go online to waste time or escape their humdrum daily lives. People turn to the internet to get involved with things outside their stresses. One of the most common issues is in the form of gaming. People spend hours online trying to beat a level. But once that level is defeated, the next is just as challenging and thus more time wasted.

Of course, there is also those who turn to the stock market where they analyze information continually wondering what their stocks are doing. This form of addiction revolves around finances and pulls people away from more important tasks that need to be done. Playing the stock market can also result in a gambling problem as there is the risk of losing big or winning millions.

But the stock market isn’t the only form of gambling one can find online. There are also online slot games and card games that offer a cash reward. People turn to the internet to try and win big, but most end up losing big. To break even, they continue to play. This form of addiction not only pulls people away from their friends, work, and life but also hits their bank account hard. In the end, though, people end up spending more time alone than they do with their friends and family.

Sex and Relationships

The reason so many people turn to the internet is to connect with people. They jump into chat rooms, or forums like Facebook and Twitter to find like-minded people. But all this does is keep them in front of their computers and away from real life. The fact that so many people lack the emotional support they need causes them to turn elsewhere and thus, they turn to the internet to fill in that gap.

Final Thought

While addiction comes in many forms, understanding that one is dealing with an underlying cause may help to break the habit. The only way to truly be fulfilled is by unplugging and getting back to the real world.