How to Prevent Internet Addiction in Children

When it comes to children, their minds are more susceptible to addiction than adults. The fact that they cannot differentiate between real and fantasy is what draws them into the world of the internet. With so many sites that are begging for their attention, they forget about what is real and what is fake.

To help your child combat internet addiction, you as a parent must remain firm. Unlike adults, children are still not capable of keeping their emotions in check and often lash out when they don’t get their way. This can be extreme from thrashing about to lashing out. Here are five tips to help you combat internet addiction in your child.

Tip #1: Regulate Online Time

Set time limits and stick to it. It is okay not to let your child use the computer or their game console. Instead of using the internet as a form of constant supervision, use it as a reward. Don’t allow a child to use their computer or play on the internet until chores or homework is complete. And even so, set a timer for how long they can play.

Tip #2: Stick to Your Limits

It is straightforward for the time to slip by when using the internet or playing on the computer. Your child may not even realize how much time has gone by unless you set a timer. Many devices allow parental controls that would enable devices such as computers to stop working after a set time. But using these timers is pointless if you give in to your child’s demands for more. If you want to prevent addiction from happening, you need to set clear and precise boundaries and stick to them.

Tip #3: Grounding

As stated before, it is okay to say no to your child wanting to watch or play something online. Their minds need more interaction than what is provided. They look to you, their parent for everything including boundaries. So if your child crosses a line, you have to be willing to take away computer time. Believe it or not, allowing your child more outdoor time or reading time will sharpen their minds more than any computer program or show.

Final Thought

From the beginning of time, children have mimicked what they see their parents doing. The chances of your child developing an internet or computer addiction stem from what you as a parent shows them. Teach your child to think outside the box and introduce educational toys that don’t revolve around a screen.